I'm so happy you're here 
and i can't wait to meet you!

what i do

My mission is to create UNIQUE experiences immersed in MAGICAL landscapes and cultures.

Stunning and FIERCELY PERSONAL celebrations that take you and your guests on an UNFORGETTABLE JOURNEY. 



WHY i do IT

I believe value is measured in MEMORIES and MOMENTS;
how they transform our lives and make us richer.

Aiming to DELIGHT my clients with AUTHENTIC celebrations full of LOVE, LAUGHTER and BEAUTY in breath-taking, UNEXPECTED surrounds.



HOW i do IT

flawlessly executed, filled with DETAILS
that INSPIRE conversation. 

I work with a team of creatives to INTENTIONALLY design 
a cohesive wedding that reflects your personalities, 


Dandelion Celebrations was born out of a passion for being in nature and the joy of celebrating love under the stars.

My story starts in Italy where I was born and raised and I firmly believe that's where my passionate personality and love for big hugs come from! From a young age I explored different regions, from the volcanic craters of the Aeolian islands to the Venetian foothills which opened my eyes to the uniqueness, culture and of course food that Italy has to offer. These contrasts sparked the curiosity that continues to grow with the passion to explore the undiscovered, which is centric to the experiences I want to create with you.

The passion for travel and languages really took hold when as teenager I moved to the UK to study. Spending my life in the same town, city or even country was no longer an option. My tourism and event management studies allowed me to move around the country and also to Mexico for a few months. I realised then that travelling is so much more than visiting a place. It's about exploring beyond the touristy hot spots, being immersed in the richness of culture and unparalleled beauty.

Dreaming of a job that would allow me to see the world, I made London my home, where I now live with my amazing husband Rob. As you may have guessed, travelling is our favourite hobby and I consider myself a citizen of the world!

I have always worked in events across different industries including luxury parties and advertising. Sourcing the most sought after venues, finding the best entertainment and resolving logistical riddles to ensure seamless and safe execution of events in busy public spaces for big brands. I loved the variety of the task at hand and the people I've met. But in all the wonderful jobs, something was missing - the uniqueness of personal stories and above all authenticity.

After getting married and taking 6 months to explore the wonders of South America, I was ready for a big change. Realising the best events are those where the wow factor is about a personal story and all the quirks that make it unique. Shared with the people you love the most in a magical place. You know, those celebrations that are REAL, where you are truly immersed in the moment and wish you could press pause to experience it for a little longer?! 

Dandelion Celebrations is the culmination of an amazing personal, professional and life adventure. It's the combination of my diverse experience and a sheer passion for getting to know places a little off the path; culturally rich and authentic destinations where you can be still and take it all in.

Adventure Buddy + Professional Wanderluster + Full-Time Hugger

ABOUT YOUR wedding & Event PLANNER

"Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving."

- Terry Pratchett

"Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

- Ibn Battuta.

Top 3 on my bucket-list 

I.   A trip to Antarctica 

II.  Diving with whale sharks 

III. An elopement in México 

The couple making a grand entrance inside a giant a shell, revealing the newly weds as they appeared from the ground up in the reception room!
Don't worry, I'm not looking to recreate that anytime soon.

My earliest memory of a wedding was at 5 years old

An interesting fact about me

I was a Games Maker at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. 

It's one of my proudest achievements!

on my bucket-list 

I.   A trip to Antarctica 

II.  Trekking with gorillas 

III. An elopement in México